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British women spend 14 years on a diet

British women 'spend 14 years on a diet'The average British woman spends 14 years of her life on a diet, according to a new study which reveals the extent that people go to when attempting to lose weight.

Respondents to the poll, which was carried out by Philips, revealed that the prospect of wearing skimpy summer clothes and bikinis are their main incentives to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Magazines featuring slim celebrities also have an impact on people’s weight loss motivation, with one in four women saying they are affected enough by the pictures to do something about their own weight.

Soon after the Easter break when the summer months start to loom is the time of the year when most people make up their mind to lose weight, with 66 per cent of people beginning their dietary regimens at this point.

The research also revealed that more than one in ten women will spend 18 years of their life slimming down, which is the equivalent of four to five months a year.

Diet and nutrition expert Rachael Anne Hill said that the best way to lose weight and to keep it off is by adopting a healthy lifestyle on a permanent basis.

“It’s clear that the arrival of spring also brings pressure for people to shape up for summer. People would be much better adopting a healthy lifestyle all year round, without concentrating their efforts on a few select months,” she added.

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