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Breastfeeding is the best way to shed baby weight

Women are always told that if they breastfeed their newborn baby, they are more likely to shed the extra weight they have gained during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding reportedly has benefits for your child as well as you according to Kate McFadden, an infant nutrition manager at Liverpool Primary Care Trust.

“It can protect your baby against ear infections, chest infections, diabetes and asthma but it also burns 500 calories a day”, Kate told the Liverpool Echo.

The expert claimed that breastfeeding is the equivalent of either 45 minutes doing step aerobics, two hours of walking or 55 minutes of cycling.

“Research has shown that breastfeeding reduces a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer” she added.

Crash dieting after you have had a baby is not a recommended or healthy way to lose those extra pounds, however losing weight naturally through breastfeeding is a much healthier way to do it and it allows you to bond with your new baby too.

Steve Halsall, a celebrity personal trainer has stated that new mums should spend at least another nine months getting back into shape rather than rushing to lose that unwanted extra weight too quickly.