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Breakfast ‘should be highly nutritious’

Breakfast 'should be highly nutritious'As the first meal of the day, breakfast should be highly nutritious, an expert has claimed.

Dora Walsh, nutritional therapist and founder of alternative therapy site Nutriheal, claimed that a healthy breakfast is a very important part of a person's diet.

"You need to have the right foods which are going to energise and replenish your system so you can face the challenges of the day ahead," she explained.

Ms Walsh recommended grilled kippers on wholegrain toast, eggs, freshly chopped banana with porridge and nuts as good breakfast foods.

Her comments follow the publication of research conducted by hotel chain Best Western, which found that four out of five people agree that a good breakfast is essential for a successful day at work.

However, the study also found that one-third of those questioned do not make time to have breakfast every morning.

The research also revealed that some 40 per cent of people eat this meal at work.

Do you eat breakfast every day?