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Boot Camp Body Essentials

Want to achieve that boot camp body look just in time for the upcoming summer?

No need to worry or stress! With our boot camp body essentials, you are certain to feel like your beautiful self in no time!



Our boot camp body essentials include:

  • T6 Thermoblast– capsules made to burn body fat
  • Body weight loss patches– patches made to get straight to work on your body’s fatty reserves
  • Wu Long Tea– tea bags made to flush fat from your system, thrust your metabolism into overdrive and weaken the effects of carbs with ease
  • Inch loss wrap kit–  to see visible inch loss body wrap results after just one treatment
  • Diet shakes– strawberry and chocolate flavour, our high protein meal replacement shakes help you slim down in the quickest time
  • Fasting diet shakes– Specially formulated to make you breeze through your fasting days
  • Cellufreeze– works rapidly to target problem areas and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and toned

And of course we cannot forget the accessories:

  • Plastic wrap- Can be used instead of or alongside the bandages to provide extra compression
  • Tape measure- For measuring the areas of your body you intend to wrap and then for measuring your inch loss when you have completed the body wrap
  • Compression bandages-Wrapping the body, providing compression which squeezes out toxins/wastes from the pores
  • Tub of clay-500ml: This tub provides enough clay for 6 full inch loss body wrap treatments or 30 partial body treatments.
  • Tub of clay-1 litre: This tub provides enough clay for 12 full inch loss body wrap treatments or 60 partial body treatments
  • Shaker bottle (pink and grey)-Includes a mesh to break up those lumps as well as markings on the side to measure accurately

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