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Binge eating triggers revealed

Binge eating triggers revealedMost dieters find that, at some time along their weight loss mission, they give in and binge eat, but the triggers of these binges have now been identified.

Nutritionist and personal trainer Cynthia Sass explained in a piece for Shape magazine that waiting too long to eat causes blood sugar levels to fall and can make people reach for unhealthy snacks.

"Make time for breakfast every morning and eat something every two or three hours after that," she advised.

She went on to recommend "good" carbs, such as whole grains and fruit as the energy and protein these provide slow digestion and prevent emotional highs and lows.

Other binge eating triggers that the expert has identified include following too strict a diet and expecting perfection.

She said that if a person feels depressed about temporarily falling off their diet wagon, this can cause them to reach for more comfort food.

Last week, researchers from the University of Calgary in Canada suggested that those who eat a high-protein diet when they are young are more likely to grow up to be overweight.

How do you avoid binge eating?