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Billie Faiers: “I love the way I am – I love being curvy”

The Only Way Is Essex star Billie Faiers has been looking curvier than ever on a girl’s holiday to Las Vegas recently and is now happy the way she is!

The 22 year old has received a lot of negative comments regarding her weight gain, but she isn’t spending her time worrying about what people think. “So what, who cares? I’ve put on weight but my boyfriend loves my body”, Billie told Now! Magazine.

However she does admit that she will be cutting carbs out of her diet two weeks before her next holiday to get her body toned rather than slim. “For me, it’s more about toning than weight loss – I’m never going to be really skinny. Some things I buy in a size 8, like jeans, but when I buy bikinis I have to buy a size 18 bikini top – I’m a 28G and a size 10 bottom”.

The blonde beauty is now also a curvy girl role model, “I get loads of Tweets from girls saying they want a figure like mine. I get a lot of respect for having a real body and not being stick thin”.

The reality star also divulged that she would never want to be a size zero, “I like how I can wear my clothes and have a bit of shape to me. Size 0’s fine for some people if that’s what they want to do but, for me, that’s not how I want to look. I love the way I am – I love being curvy”.