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Big Brothers Chanelle has Liposuction to regain her Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Many celebrities who just give birth are usually not in a hurry to lose their baby weight, however when it comes to losing that post pregnancy weight, many prefer to do so the conventional way through diet and exercise. But Chanelle Hayes chose to have a radical procedure to regain her slim size 6 figure.

The reality TV star confessed that after giving birth to her son Blakeley, she tried for months to lose weight the natural way and managed to drop a staggering four dress sizes, despite that, this was not enough for Chanelle!

An unhappy Chanelle decided to look into a drastic option to lose the rest of her unwanted pregnancy weight and opted for liposuction. In November last year, Hayes went to Belgium for the procedure where she also had breast enhancement surgery and it has been rumoured she paid around £4,500 for both operations.

Now it seems to be all worth it, as six months post pregnancy, the new mum is parading a skinny size 6.

Telling Closer how happy she feels after dropping two more dress sizes with the help of Liposuction, Chanelle disclosed, “I’m much happier now. I wouldn’t say I’m 100 per cent happy but I’m more comfortable”. She also went on to say “I don’t feel like a big fat beast. So it’s a new year, new hair, new body – new new new”.

The big brother contestant stated she is prepared to continue with her healthy lifestyle to maintain her figure, though has not ruled out having any more operations if she feels the need.

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll get fat again and have to have more surgery. I don’t know”, she revealed.