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Beetroot juice ‘improves brain health’

Beetroot juice 'improves brain health'As a vegetable, beetroot can help people to lose weight when eaten as part of a healthy diet, but researchers have now found that it can also promote brain health in older adults.

Beetroot contains high concentrations of nitrates which are turned into nitrites by good bacteria in the mouth.

The researchers found that the nitrites helped to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery in the white matter of the frontal lobes of the brain, which are associated with degeneration leading to dementia and other cognitive conditions.

"I think these results are consistent and encouraging – that good diet consisting of a lot of fruits and vegetables can contribute to overall good health," said Gary Miller, associate professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science and one of the senior investigators on the project.

According to researchers from the University of Exeter, drinking beetroot juice also boosts a person's stamina and could help them to exercise for up to 16 per cent longer, which could aid a person in achieving their weight loss goals.

Have you thought about adding beetroot to your diet?