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Beat the “Credit Crunch” Ready Meals

On the back of the dreary credit crunch many shoppers are forced to ditch organic, healthier food in favour for cheap meals – stimulating fears that obesity could be on the horizon.

In a survey by which? almost a quarter of adults revealed that they tightened their purse strings and were less likely to be worried about buying good quality food.

More than half questioned also confirmed that searching for a bargain was more important, regardless of how unhealthy it was! (Not good by any stretch of the imagination!).

However, eating fresh food doesn’t have to be a costly matter – if you’re crafty about the way you shop and indeed cook, then steering clear of the ready meals shouldn’t be a problem!

In this case – we are convinced that a boost in obesity can easily be sidestepped….

Using these little tricks will have you chucking the microwavable ready meals from your freezers in a flash!

Have a positive outlook! Always experiment with making your meals from scratch in preference to buying processed foods.

If you make double what you need, you can freeze the remainder and have for lunch the next day! A really cunning idea for cutting costs over continuous days…

Make use of your leftovers! With a couple of key ingredients and a bit of imagination, you can turn unsought leftovers in to great dishes!

Plan your meals beforehand to avoid costly spontaneity buys. If you know you don’t have anything in the cupboards at home, you’re more than likely to pop into the Chinese on the way home!

Create a shopping list! By sticking to a list of what you ‘require’, you’ll be less likely to buy unnecessary extras while you’re browsing up and down aisles…

Try to buy food when they’re in season.

Check out the stores own branded foods, which are generally cheaper (and more than often just as good) as the well-known ones.

Try frozen or canned fruit and vegetables, which can be cheaper than and just as nutritious as the fresh option.

Buy in bulk of starchy foods as they tend to keep their freshness for a lot longer.

Buy cheaper cuts of meat rather than the ‘deluxe’ variety.

To get your share of omega 3, alternatively buy tinned salmon and/or sardines instead of fresh.

Instead of looking for the biggest discount look for the cheapest prices!

Don’t buy too much food only to then waste it! Frequently check the sell-by-dates so that you can use what you have in your fridge before they start growing mould!

Don’t be apprehensive about buying raw ingredients!

Lastly, and possibly most importantly…acquaint yourself with cooking! If you have the knowledge about how to cook, you will, in turn, have a nose for buying efficiently and cheap!

Happy Shopping!