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Banning food ‘only makes it more appealing’

Banning food 'only makes it more appealing'Banning certain foods in an attempt to lose weight only makes those treats even more appealing, according to a weight loss expert.

Slimming company Weight to Go recently conducted a clinical trial using its Weekends Off Diet.

The results show that people are most successful in losing weight when they are still allowed to enjoy their favourite foods.

People who followed the Weekends Off Diet for eight weeks lost, on average, 16.5 lbs.

Dr David Ashton, medical director of Weight to Go, said: "We are hard-wired to seek out [treats] because they are rich in energy, so diets which banish such foods entirely are almost bound to fail, because they demand something which is actually unnatural."

He went on to suggest that people keep a diary of all of the food that they consume and the exercise that they take.

Dr Ashton also suggested that walking was the best exercise to lose weight as it is so easy to fit into a daily routine.

What treats are you trying to avoid?