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Atkins diet improved ‘to make greater weight loss easier’

The Atkins diet has long been a favourite of those seeking fast weight loss, but the eating plan has been revised for 2010 and claims to help slimmers shed even more pounds.

Dr Atkins launched the original low-carbohydrate diet way back in the ’70s and it has been tried and tested by a number of celebs, including Renee Zellweger, Kim Cattral, Geri Halliwell and Jennifer Aniston, the Daily Mail reports.

But now, Atkins has been overhauled by a team of three American doctors, who have added vegetables, berries, potatoes and bread to the foods permitted by the diet.

According to the newspaper, the trio of health specialists claim that people who adopt this new diet could lose as much as a stone in just two weeks.

The reincarnation of Atkins (the diet, not the doctor himself) recommends 4-6 oz of protein with each meal, allows veggies from day one and berries, nuts, legumes and alcohol after two weeks.

Those looking for a single ingredient that will help them to shed those unwanted excess pounds should look no further than seaweed, according to researchers from the University of Newcastle, who claim it reduces fat uptake by more than 75 per cent.

Have you ever tried the Atkins diet? If not, are you more inclined to try it now?