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As Featured on Channel 4 – Will my crash diet kill me?

A record number of viewers tuned into channel 4’s will my crash diet kill me?, last night and it’s creating a lot of excitement within our slimming community!

The TV programme showcased one of our best selling products- the maple syrup diet and underlined all the facts and astonishing results about the extreme diet!

Dr Anu Bhatia investigated the effects of crash dieting with the help of six willing slimmers and several crash diets including the cabbage soup diet, the Cambridge weight plan and of course the ultimate diet of all – the maple syrup diet.

Let’s start with the first crash diet and celebrity favourite – The Maple Syrup Diet

Also known as the Lemon Detox, the Maple Syrup Diet is a liquid diet created by Stanley Burroughs an alterative medicine guru in 1941. He described the diet as a ‘detoxification programme’ and weight-loss regime that aids in the removal of allegedly harmful toxins.

The diet involves drinking a mixture of the maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper or ginger for up to 14 days.

The diet which was made world famous by Beyonce works by restricting your daily calorie intake enabling you to lose water, fat and muscle.

Jacqui Wallace, a 42 year old slimmer embarked on the Lemon Detox crash diet and shed a staggering 15lbs in just 10 days.

“The Maple Syrup diet, if you keep sipping it through the day, will keep your sugar levels topped up just enough to keep you going. You feel hungry but your energy level will get you through the day. The belief that the mixture is detoxifying your body is a strong psychological motivation” she said.

At only 5 foot 5, Jacqui wore a dress size 18 and was a long way from her ideal dress size 14, however after the final weigh-in; an ecstatic Jacqui expressed delight with her substantial weight loss, “I’m very pleased and happy to be back in my favourite dress”.

The cabbage soup diet and the Cambridge weight plan were two crash diets also featured but proved to have less effective results.

The Cabbage Soup Diet
The Cabbage Soup Diet is a low-calorie Cabbage Soup to be consumed over a period of 7 days which is designed for Short-term Weight-Loss only.

The diet involves an unlimited amount of cabbage soup and there are also certain foods that the dieter must eat on specific days.

The Cambridge Weight Plan
Formerly known as the Cambridge diet, the plan involves eating a very low calorie diet of soups, bars and shakes. During this diet, the body is pushed into ketosis, a state in which the dieter’s body breaks down fat for its energy rather than glucose.

Have you tried any crash diets?

Why not give the Lemon Detox Diet a try and stun yourself with your results!