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Antioxidants ‘can maintain good health and prevent aging’

Women may want to include antioxidant-rich food in their diets, as these can slow down the ageing process, the British Nutrition Foundation has suggested.

Carina Norris, nutritionist and spokesperson for the foundation, explained that antioxidants work by mopping up harmful free radical molecules produced during oxidation.

“[These molecules] are involved in a whole range of disease processes, from clogged arteries and heart disease, to certain cancers,” said Ms Norris.

“They’re even involved in the ageing process,” she added.

Ms Norris went on to say that those who eat Mediterranean diets are less likely to suffer from these conditions.

Her comments follow the recent publication of research conducted by Miguel Hernandez University, which revealed the clove to be the best antioxidant spice, as it contains high levels of phenolic compounds.

Many other herbs, spices and foodstuffs contain high levels of antioxidants, according to Ms Norris, including fruit and vegetables, tea, wine and cocoa.

Where do you get your antioxidants from?