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Amino acid supplements ‘could make people live longer’

Amino acid supplements 'could make people live longer'Amino acids are commonly used in slimming pills to aid weight loss, but scientists have now revealed that they could make people live for longer.

The researchers from Milan University in Italy found that giving water laced with a special concoction of amino acids to mice makes them live longer than the average mouse.

Key ingredients in the supplemental mixture are branched-chain amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – such as leucine, isoleucine and valine.

The researchers also found that the supplement also caused improvements to the mice’s exercise endurance and motor coordination.

Researcher Dr Enzo Nisoli said that consuming amino acid supplements is different from consuming proteins that contain those acids as they do not have to be digested and can enter the bloodstream immediately.

“They come with no energy cost,” Dr Nisoli explained.

Last month, sports scientists from the University of Edinburgh found that isotonic sports drinks, when consumed before and during team games, can help people to exercise for longer.

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