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Aerobic exercise could get rid of that tummy

Aerobic exercise could get rid of that tummyAnyone interested in learning how to lose weight fast could be well-advised to take up aerobic exercise.

A new study carried out by scientists at the Duke University Medical Centre in the US looked at various forms of physical activity and how effective they are at getting rid of dreaded fat on the abdomen.

It was found that aerobic exercise is more effective than resistance training when it comes to shifting fat, perhaps offering men and women the chance to finally get the six-pack they have always dreamed of.

Doing this kind of activity may also have health benefits too, as it reduces fat stored around internal organs that could otherwise cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

"If you are overweight … and you want to lose belly fat, aerobic exercise is the better choice because it burns more calories," said Dr Cris Slentz, lead author of the study.

Also known as cardiovascular exercise, aerobics is defined by Weight Loss Resources as any sustained activity that works big muscle groups and gets the lungs working harder.

Have you seen good results after doing aerobics?