Acai Health, Acai Berry Reviews, and Improved health with Acai - Slimming Solutions

Acai Health, Acai Berry Reviews, and Improved health with Acai

Acai Berry ResearchAcai Health Benefits – We reveal all about this superfood

What is Acai Berry?
Acai is pronounced as ‘Ah-sigh-ee’ and its scientific name is ‘Euterpre Oleracea.’ It is essentially a palm, which can grow up to an incredible three meters, in floodplains in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. ‘The berry’ is a lot smaller with a diameter of only one inch. It is round and purple and grows together with approximately 700-900 fruits in panicles. The fruit has a long history of usage in Brazil and the Amazonian Caboclo tribe finds the fruit to be an essential part of their daily diet. Research has found that natives of this region use acai berry consistently and have made the fruit approximately 40% of their diet. As a result of doing this, they are very healthy and contain far less harmful toxins compared to those that live in Western countries. Acai Berry is therefore a completely natural anti-oxidant and is now becoming increasingly popular with numerous people across the world as a natural slimming aid to trigger weight loss. Once the acai berry is picked it is then frozen, this converts the fruit into power which is then used by inserting it into products.

How does Acai Berry work?
The recent vast amount of interest has been publicised online, on television, in articles and in books and has shown to produce tremendous results. Acai berry works by producing a high level of antioxidants which protect against free radicals in the body. Free radicals develop when the body goes through the normal metabolism process or when it is open to pollutants such as pesticides and smoke. Together the free radicals bind with other molecules and this causes a chain reaction which can then lead to cellular damage, which results in health problems. Antioxidants however prevent this from occurring by stopping the free radicals binding with molecules and therefore destroying the radicals and keeping the body in good health. The good health is also maintained by acai berry as it contains various vitamins, minerals and omega fats that the body needs to survive. Other than keeping the body in good health, acai berry works as a slimming aid as it is high in fibre and contains appetite suppression properties. This means as calorie intake is reduced and the digestive system is stabalised, weight loss will be achieved.

Acai Berry Reviews

Other than celebrities, many people of both genders have reported their happiness in the success of acai berry. A customer named Jane used acai berry along with colon cleanser and lost an incredible 42 pounds in 3 months – mainly from her stomach area. Another lady, Melissa, reported that she suddenly experienced an increase in energy and her appetite was suppressed when using acai berry.  She was delighted to discover that she lost 37 pounds in 3 months and immediately felt more confident.Furthermore, it has been found that acai berry has helped men to exercise for longer period of times while strengthening their muscles due to the high amino acid that it contains.

Acai Berry in the celebrity world
Acai Berry has created a craze in the celebrity slimming world by stars who have maintained their life style and now their figure through using this natural ingredient. This product has hit celebrities by storm after celebrity personal trainers outlined benefits of using acai berry.  Benefits include lowering body fat ratio, increasing metabolism, and it cleanses and purifies the body by flushing out impurities and toxins.  Following this, it has been reported that Brad Pitt chose to incorporate acai berry into his daily diet resulting in a loss of 20 pounds before exhibiting his super physique in, Burn after Reading, where he played a personal trainer. It has also been suggested that other celebrities with slim, sleek figures, such as, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson and Denise Richards have tried the acai berry diet by adding the product into drinks such as coffee and cocktails. Acai berry’s popularity increased further as it made the TV and networks such as the BBC, who named acai berry as a ‘health super food phenomenon.’  Furthermore, Oprah Winfrey, on her show, announced that she uses this product. It has also been advertised on the Matt Laurer Show, the Rachel Ray show and 60 Minutes. Finally, Dr Perricone recommended acai berry as a number one antioxidant and has dubbed the fruit, in his book, as the ‘number one super food in the world.’

How to use Acai Berry
The beauty of acai berry is that it can be used in a number of ways. The natural fruit has been incorporated into Acai Berry Original sliming tablets, which slimmer’s are increasingly using as a supplement due to its energy boosting, antioxidant properties and weight loss results. Another product, Acai Berry Extreme, is the most advanced tablet in the UK. As well as providing the same benefits as Acai Berry Original, they also help burn fact and contain additional highly regarded ingredients which are used to enhance results and promote health and wellness. It is also possible to add acai berry into smoothies, blends, yoghurts, sorbets, coffees and cocktails in which celebrities often do. View our Acai Recipes

Acai Berry Side Effects
Acai berry is a fruit, not a drug, so like fruit it has not been shown to have
any negative side effects. However, on a positive note, it has been found to decrease appetite, increase metabolism, boast energy levels, provide good health, cleanse and purify the body and allow it to function better.

Acai has been reported to contain cancer fighting properties. Research was carried out in the University of Florida in 2006. This involved testing leukemia cells with the extracts of acai berry. Results found that 4 extracts out of the 6 which are contained in acai berry triggered a self destruct response in 86% of the cells tested and further killed a significant number of the leukemia cells. This amazing discovery was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. In addition, acai berry has all the positive side effects listed above. With these benefits as a result of using acai berry it is no surprise that it is being referred to by doctors as the, ‘number one super food in the world.’

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