Acai berries 'may alleviate symptoms conditions associated with obesity' - Slimming Solutions

Acai berries ‘may alleviate symptoms conditions associated with obesity’

Acai berries contain antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients that can help to improve health, according to a health expert.

Dr Melina Jampolis, a diet and fitness expert, wrote in a piece on that the acai berry contains phytonutrients, including the “powerful” anthocyanins, which can also be found in red wine and are good at fighting disease.

She went on to say that the berries offer some hope to those who are overweight or obese as they may help to “combat the low-grade inflammation that is often associated with obesity”.

For those trying to lose weight or just eat a little healthier, the NHS recommends swapping chocolate, biscuits or other sugary snacks with berries or grapes, to provide that sweet fix without refined sugar.

It also recommends putting berries on a plain cereal instead of sugar or fruit in natural lower fat yoghurt as healthy breakfast swap options.

This will also count as one of the five portions of fruit and veg that the NHS recommends people eat each day.

Have you tried adding acai berries to your diet?