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A green diet ‘will help couples to conceive’

Couples hoping to conceive should take a close look at their diets, according to First Response, as different foods can have an impact on fertility levels.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, a nutritionist for the pregnancy and ovulation test manufacturers, said that weight loss through dieting and exercising can improve fertility for those who are overweight.

She suggested that men should eat “eight portions a day of organic fruit and veg and take an antioxidant supplement”.

“Abnormally formed sperm – numbers of poorly formed and so ineffective sperm – may be reduced by increasing antioxidants in the diet,” she explained.

Ms Bishop-Weston also recommended that couples can increase their chances of conceiving by getting a few hours more sleep a night and reducing their stress levels.

The NHS recommends yoga as a great way of reducing stress and, as a form of exercise, it can also aid weight loss and improve health.