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8 small changes for big results

scalesweight1.    Blue plates

Ever wondered why McDonalds’ colour scheme is yellow and red? We are naturally drawn to red, yellow and orange in our dining area or restaurants because psychologically it stimulates us to want to eat, and eat a lot. Studies show that if you put your food on blue plates, it can cause you to eat less subconsciously.

2.    Eat eggs for breakfast

According to a study, having eggs for breakfast could help you lose 65% more weight. People who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight, body fat and inches from their waist than those who ate the same amount of calories in another form. The higher protein content of the eggs helps you stay fuller for longer and leads to eating less throughout the day.

3.    Big forks

You’ve heard that eating from smaller plates can help you eat less, but did you know that using a larger fork can do the same? A study found that participants eating with a larger fork ate about 10% less than those who used a regular fork. Researchers believe a smaller fork makes us feel we aren’t making as much of a dent on our plate, so we’ll take more forkfuls to satisfy our hunger. So next time you order a meal, ask for a bigger fork to help you eat less! And while you’re at it, stop when you’re satisfied – not stuffed.

4.    Turn off the TV

You know you probably shouldn’t, but sometimes you eat in front of the TV or computer. But do you know how much it affects your waistline? Studies show that we eat around 40% more when watching TV, and we’re more likely to eat junk food while distracted. To lose weight without major sacrifice, switch off your TV, computer or phone during dinner and concentrate only on your meal.

5.    Fill your plate

People who fill their plate with everything they plan to eat (including dessert) eat about 14% less than those who don’t fill it as much but return for second helpings. So to eat less, load up your plate – but only once. To reduce your intake even more, use a smaller plate. Studies show that subjects who served themselves using smaller dishes ate up to 60% less.

6.    Hold the mayo

One small change like skipping ketchup, mayo or other sauces could save you around 100 calories per day. That one small step alone could help you lose up to 10 pounds this year.

7.    Slim down your daily coffee

Removing just two teaspoons of sugar from your morning cup of coffee may not seem like a big deal, but it can save you 32 calories a day, or three lbs a year. Whereas skipping your afternoon latte could save you 54,750 calories, more than 15 lbs in a year.

8.    Write down your daily plan

Studies show that people are 80% more likely to follow their meal plan if they write it down. Take five minutes in the morning to write down what you’ll eat for the day to make sure you stay within your calorie limits.