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7 reasons to use a waist trainer

7 reasons to wear a waist trainer

Waist training is the practice of reducing the size and changing the shape of your waist to achieve a well-formed silhouette and figure while taking off unwanted pounds from your middle. Waist training can help you to achieve the classic hourglass figure with a tiny waist and curvy hips. It can be achieved through the use of a waist trainer and other shapewear as well as via abdomen trimming exercises and healthy diet. The process does not occur overnight, and requires the discipline to wear a waist cincher as well as exercising faithfully and following a healthy diet for several weeks before you can see desired results. However, by sticking to your training plan, you will be able to see desirable results in good time.

History of waist training

The corset as an item of body modification has existed since the Cretan civilization. They were used under loose flowing garments to provide definition for the wearer. The Greeks and Romans also utilized the corset to maintain a shapely and curvy figure and this was especially popular with mothers who wanted to retain a slim and trim figure after childbirth. Times were more conservative during the middle ages and corsets tended to be worn over other items of clothing to provide variety rather than function. The 16th century introduced the iron corset that gave rise to the whalebone, wood and steel torture devices that women would use to maintain a wasp like waist for several centuries. Corsets gradually became softer through later centuries and began to incorporate the use of laced corsets that could trim the waist by tightening the strings attached to the garment. Today, corsets are sophisticated items of clothing made from satin, silk and other softer materials which makes them easier to wear. Corset use has seen an upsurge in recent times, and many people are using them to achieve the body shape of their dreams.

7 reasons to use a waist trainer – the advantages of waist training

  1. Waist training helps you to develop the ever desirable hourglass body shape that features a tiny waist and curvy hips and this can increase your self esteem.
  2. Using a waist trainer can help you to lose weight as the corset prevents your stomach from expanding which assists with appetite control.
  3. Waist training can act as a motivator to exercise and eat less so that you can achieve your perfect body shape faster.
  4. Waist training corsets can help to control back pain and assist in posture control.
  5. Corsets can help to manage skeletal diseases and curvature and may even help persons battling conditions like scoliosis to prevent further curvature of the spine.
  6. Waist training can help transgender men to achieve a feminine figure and help in cases of body dysmorphic disorder.
  7. Waist training has helped many women battling eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa by creating the illusion of a curvy and shapely figure which improves body image and encourages them to eat more and regain a healthy body weight.

Waist training is a great way to create curves and gain an aesthetically pleasing figure. Further, it has both medical and psychological benefits which makes it ideal for persons battling back and skeletal problems as well as emotional disorders. With the correct waist training regimen, you should be able to reap the benefits of this body control method in no time at all.