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6 in 10 Brits believe sugary snacks are healthy

6 in 10 Brits believe sugary snacks are healthySix in ten people in the UK are unsure of what constitutes a healthy snack, according to a new survey showing that many people are unknowingly consuming huge quantities of processed sugar.

The research, carried out by Fruitdrop, showed that 34 per cent of those surveyed considered sugary flapjacks or cereal bars to be their preferred 'healthy snack', despite these items containing refined sugar that contributes towards tooth decay and weight gain.

Of the respondents, those aged between 35 and 44 are most likely to choose snacks containing hidden sugar rather than more healthy options such as fresh fruit.

Ben Thompson, managing director of Fruitdrop, said that one way of encouraging people to eat more healthily is by having regular deliveries of healthy food in the office.

"By introducing a weekly fruit delivery to the office, employers can improve the health of their workforce, by providing a fresh and healthier option to counter the convenience of sugary snacks," he added.

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