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5 steps to drop a dress size overnight

iStock_000014569568SmallOK, so you can’t go from overweight to thin overnight, but there are ways to shrink your waist within a day for special occasions or to squeeze yourself into a slightly-too-tight dress that you absolutely have to wear.

Yes, ideally we’d maintain a slim figure through healthy diet and exercise, but sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ve gained a few pounds and suddenly that night out or special occasion has crept up on you. Lucky for you, there are ways you can fit back into that little black dress in time for a special dinner, party, or wedding. Here’s the five things you’ll need:

  • the right outfit
  • water
  • laxatives
  • body wrap treatment
  • shapewear


How to drop a dress size overnight

Pick the right clothes. Looking slimmer has lots to do with what you wear and the way your dress. It can be tempting to just throw on clothes which are comfy, but if you don’t keep your body shape in mind, you could appear heavier than you actually are. Make sure your clothes are the right size and are well cut. Make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted bra because that also makes a difference. You can ask a sales assistant for help or ask a friend to go shopping with you.

Get rid of your water weight. There are lots of causes of water retention (read our review of the symptoms, causes, and treatments of water retention here). There are long term options such as a change in diet, medication adjustments, acupuncture, and support stockings. But for a quick fix, try drinking as much water as you can (seriously!), or take a traditional herbal supplement such as HRI Water Balance tablets, which help relieve water retention and maintain a normal body fluid balance.

Clean out your bowels. Sometimes, the cause of bloating is constipation. There are five things which cause a stomach to appear distended – fat, fluid, foetus, flatulence, and faeces. Either eat lots of high-fibre foods, go for a colonic to clean out your insides, or take a laxative or colon cleanse supplement such as Slim Bomb Detox tablets which contain 100% native ingredients to provide a safe and natural way to help regulate your system.

Have a body wrap treatment. Body wraps, especially those you can do at home for a fraction of the salon price, are become increasingly popular. They can make you lose inches from anywhere on your body in just an hour. They work by compressing the soft tissue and removing toxins, leaving you inches smaller and with glowing skin to boot. For the most effective last minute inch loss, try a Boot Camp Body Wrap Kit which includes everything you need for a fast and convenient way to lose inches and tighten loose skin in just an hour.

Use form fitting underwear. There are lots of underwear choices available that help to shrink your waist and smooth out unsightly lumps and bumps. Compression suits like Spanx can cinch your waist, flatten the stomach, and shrink your thighs – all in one go! These suits are available in black or nude colour so they won’t show through your clothes. The idea is to look smoother and slimmer without having to suck in your stomach, and without anyone finding out your secret weapon (although lots of celebrities are happy to admit their love of Spanx!). There is a full stock available, ranging from Power Panties, full Bodysuits, Slips, Control Pants, and Body Shapers.

Tips and warnings

  • Don’t take laxatives too often. When your body gets used to laxatives, your defecation reflex doesn’t stay as strong as before. So over time, your body can become dependent on laxatives, causing you to be constipated without them.
  • Last minute weight loss related stress can cause special events to become a source of agony. Once your one-day weight loss goal is reached, start a long term diet so you don’t need to resort to get-thin-quick schemes. You can find loads of free diet plans in the ‘diet’ section of our blog.