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5 Dieting Tips

Dieting can be difficult or easy, it all depends on yourself! Will power is key to a successful diet, People assume dieting is completely cutting out all of the ‘bad stuff’, eating nothing but greens and exercising non-stop! It doesn’t have to be like that at all, in fact… it could potentially be fun! Here are some tips to help ensure your diet success!

Tip No.1: Water

Cutting down on all of those fizzy drinks can be harder than you think! Going from drinking sugary drinks a lot to drinking water can be difficult for some, especially when you don’t really ‘get the taste’. Of course water is best for you, it makes you feel so much better. Water hydrates your body and fuels your brain, making you work and function most effectively. However, drinking things like flavoured water and fruit-infused herbal tea is also better for you than pop! Our range of slimming teas are great fat busting weight loss products. They are known for their ability to help digest fatty foods, increase the metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels. See! Who would have thought dieting could be so hard?

Tip No.2: Breakfast

ALWAYS eat breakfast! It seems so easy thinking ‘if I skip breakfast I’ll easily lose weight’ but that is not how it works! It really is true when people say ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. If you skip breakfast, you will most likely end up feeling hungry a lot earlier than if you were to eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to inconvenient snacking and nibbling and binge eating at lunch. To stick to a healthy diet, make sure you always eat breakfast on a morning, eat things like high-fibre cereal with low-fat milk, or if you’re in a rush, grab some fruit on your way out the door!

Dieting doesn’t have to be a chore

Tip No. 3: Food Diary

Keep a food diary! Why not purchase a new diary from your local supermarket or stationary store with the money that would usually be going on sweet treats! Or even if you think this is unnecessary, grab a pen and a sheet of paper and start taking note of what you’re consuming. It has been proven that the act of writing down what you eat/drink tends to make you think more about what you’re eating, how you’re eating it and when you’re eating it. This leads you to ultimately take in less calories!

Tip No. 4: Late Night Snacks

Those night time snacks may seem great in the moment but the aftermath can be crucial! Careless eating often occurs after dinner time. Snacking in front of the television is one of the easiest ways to throw your diet away, if you say you don’t snack whilst watching your favourite T.V show, you are lying! We’ve all been there! If you are going to snack whilst watching television, why not choose the alternative? Perhaps a fruit bar or some butternut squash? The possibilities are endless, you just need to be satisfied in what you pick, without it being unhealthy!

Tip No. 5: Rewards

Celebrating your success can be so rewarding! A lot of people see diets as being punishing and believe there is simply no fun about it at all! Setting yourself targets and goals can make it a much more enjoyable process! Lost three pounds this week? Completed your daily jog each day this week? Resisted that cookie this week? Treat yourself! Just not with unhealthy food… unless it’s cheat day (if you are reasonable enough) Rewarding yourself whilst dieting can encourage you to become even more successful! Buy that bracelet, go on a shopping trip, pamper yourself! It is really up to you!

What are your dieting no-no’s?

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