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5 Beauty Tips


Here are your 5 Beauty Tips

Tip No. 1: Longer Lasting Lipstick

There is nothing worse than applying lipstick and having to re-apply every half an hour! Sometimes it’s not even based around the quality of the lipstick, this is where a lot of people are mistaken. Some girls think ‘the more expensive the lipstick, the longer it lasts’ in some situations this may be true, but for a longer lasting effect there just has to be a trick out there! Our trick is called ‘the tissue tip’. You simply apply some of your favourite lipstick and hold a tissue over your lips, making sure it covers your lips fully. Next apply some face powder over the top of the tissue, then remove the tissue from your lips. This creates a more matte look that lasts much longer!

Tip No. 2: The Tape Stencil

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use some sort of stencil to create your gorgeous winged eyeliner?! Well now you can! This unconventional beauty tip works as a guide to help you apply eyeliner and shadows. Whether you’re wanting an everyday casual look or a dramatic look, it really works! If you are going for the dramatic ‘cat eye’ look, this can be very challenging and it is easy to make mistakes! This is why you need a strip of tape (preferably scotch tape). Stick the strip of tape from just outside of your eyebrow and continue downwards until you are near the bottom of your eye. Apply your eyeliner or eye shadow, then remove the tape and all excess make up will be removed and your eyeliner will look perfect!

Tip No. 3: No-More Clump Mascara

Mascara can get clumpy so quickly, especially when you wear it often! It seems that no matter how many different brands you try, how much you pay and where you get it from, mascara tends to always end up clumpy! Grab your mascara and a mug. Fill the mug up almost to the top with hot water. Pop the mascara in, making sure the lid is tightly sealed. Leave the mascara in here for approx.: 20 minutes. Remove the mascara from the mug and apply a full coat. This technique makes the mascara more ‘liquid-y’ instead of clumpy. Meaning the mascara will be a thinner formula and much easier to apply!

Tip No. 4: Perfect Polish

Sick of those bubbles or clumps in your nail varnish? Well now you don’t have to be! Simply remove any polish you already have on your finger nails, making sure there is no oil or excess left on your nails. Give your nails a wipe over with a clean cloth dipped in some vinegar. Doing this will help create a smoother finish and it will surely help your nail polish stay looking great for a lot longer.

Tip No. 5: Fuller Lips

There is really no need to spend so much on lip fillers or beauty cosmetics to make your lips look bigger! With this tip, you will have fuller, healthier looking lips in no time! When you have finished applying your lipstick, rub your finger in a pale eye shadow and rub on the centre of your bottom lip. This light effect that it creates will give off the impression that you have a fuller pout!

These 5 Beauty Tips are bound to make your life a lot easier when it comes to Make-up!

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