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25 treats under 300 calories

Do you ever feel like nothing less than a bar of chocolate will do?

There is no need to feel this way anymore! Ivillage have comprised a list of 25 treats that will hit the spot throughout the day but without breaking the calorie bank.

Mid-Morning Snacks
A few hours after breakfast, you are already thinking about lunch and it’s not even close to lunch time! Your glucose levels have started to drop, you find it hard to concentrate and crave something to eat.

You can banish those mid-morning blues with these great snacks:
A strawberry smoothie with marshmallows – 277 calories
Half a bagel with low fat cream cheese and figs – 190 calories
Two slices of malt bread – 188 calories
A small bag of banana chips (30g) – 199 calories
A standard size chocolate bar – 281 calories

Mid-Afternoon Snacks
You probably know the feeling. It’s mid-afternoon; lunch time has passed by and you just need something to get you through till dinner time. You’re already nodding off because of the lack of energy but don’t feel like going for a walk in the fresh air or reaching for a glass of water.

These energising snacks will have no problem getting you through to dinner time:
A bag of sweet  popcorn (75g) – 240 calories
2 slices of pumpernickel bread with 2 tbsp honey – 232 calories
1 large slice of gingerbread – 254 calories
2 slices of rye bread with vegetable pâté – 265 calories
1 bag of twiglets (50g) – 192 calories

After Dinner Treats
You know that you shouldn’t delve into the fridge too soon after you have had your dinner. However your dinner is settled and you feel the only way to finish it off is with a tasty dessert but know you really shouldn’t!

With these delicious puddings you won’t have to feel so guilty!
A portion of fruit crumble – 288 calories
A portion of lemon sorbet – 124 calories
A portion of lemon mousse – 83 calories
A portion of crème caramel – 98 calories
2 meringues filled with cream and strawberries – 243 calories

Party Snacks
You simply cannot have a party without snacks! No guest can resist a handful of nibbles with a glass of wine; however the only problem is that most party snacks are usually high in salt.

The following ideas for party snacks will tempt your taste buds and satisfy your hunger:
2 slices of garlic bread – 300 calories
2 sticks of chicken satay with peanut dip – 268 calories
A portion of potato wedges with sour cream dip – 280 calories
A large slice of Spanish tortilla/frittata – 155 calories
Tortilla chips with 1 heaped tbsp guacamole – 294 calories

Post-Drink Munchies
We’ve all felt that feeling after a long drinking session knowing the dreaded hangover could soon be upon us.

Fend off your pending hangover with these savory snacks:
2 large hotdogs with 2 tbsp of pickled cabbage- 275 calories
2 fried fish cakes with a portion of tomato ketchup – 210 calories
A portion of tomato and mozzarella salad with lemon and olive oil dressing – 300 calories
2 slices of cheese and tomato pizza – 288 calories
2 roasted chicken drumsticks with coleslaw in reduced calorie mayonnaise – 240 calories

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