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20 Post Christmas Weight Loss Tips

According to a recent Daily Mirror article, the average woman will have gained 5lbs during the festive season.

Post Christmas Weight Loss TipsTop 20 Tips to shift the Christmas excess:

1. Drink water before meals
Drinking a large glass of water before meals helps to fill you. Consequently you will eat less.

2. Choose vegetables over chips
Ditch those fattening chips and choose vegetables. They are healthy, tasty and full of goodness. If boiled vegetables are not for you, then try steaming them or roasting them in the oven for a different taste but the same result.

3. Chew
Choose a dish which requires chewing, e.g. steak. Eat slowly and aim to take at least 20 bites with each mouthful. The more you chew the more calories you burn.

4. Put smaller amounts of food on a bigger plate.
Psychologically you will think you are eating a large plate of food whereas in reality you are eating less and still feeling full.

5. Choose fruit for snacks
Everyone from time to time wants a snack! Snacking is no problem when you choose a healthy option such as fruit over fattening foods such as chocolate and sweets.

6. Give all your Christmas sweets away
Chocolates, sweets and biscuits are a popular present to give and receive and come in large quantities at Christmas time. Picking at sweets because they are available adds those extra pounds. Save them for a special occasion or give them away! Out of the house means far less temptation.

7. How hungry are you?
Stick a label onto your fridge with the message, ‘how hungry are you?’ and a scale of 1 – 10. Each time you decide to eat use the scale to determine how hungry you are. Are you hungry or is it habit or boredom?

8. Find a photograph of yourself of a time when you were happy with your weight and attach it to your fridge.
Each time you go to the fridge you will see the photograph as a reminder of a time you were satisfied with how you looked. This should encourage a healthier option and help to avoid binging.

9. Take advantage of lots of different gyms’ free trial sessions
Around Christmas time there are plenty of offers advertised for free trials at local gyms. Take advantage of these offers and sign up. You will soon burn off those excess calories gained from Christmas dinner!

10. Exercise after you eat
Exercising before you eat simply makes you feel hungry. Therefore exercise after you have eaten and your body will work harder to digest food. You can begin with a few sit ups or a short walk and gradually build up.

11. Take a slimming supplement
There is no easier way to lose weight than taking a Slimming Supplement. Supplements such as the Slim Bomb, increase your energy levels whilst suppressing your appetite and consequently aid you to lose weight.

12. Forget about the remote
Over the Christmas period there are many premier films on TV. Forget about the remote and manually change channels to burn extra calories. Simple actions such as this one all add up to help.

13.  Don’t eat while watching TV
If you are engrossed in a TV programme or a film you don’t realize what you are actually eating.

14. Make a plan
Make a plan of what you intend to do in the following week. Organise healthy meal options with time slots for exercise. This means on busy days you will have planned what you are going to have so wont pick up a takeaway for convenience.

15. Don’t skip meals.
A major error is skipping breakfast. Your body burns more calories in the morning.  Also, when you skip meals throughout the day, you are doing more harm than good! This is because you eat more at your next meal and it is usually the wrong kind of food.

16. Go food shopping after eating
Going shopping whilst hungry adds lots of food to your shopping basket. If you are hungry you will buy more than you need and generally it will be the wrong kind of food!

17. Park further away
Park your car a little further away from work or shops. This means you will walk further and burn more calories. Exercise without even knowing it!

18. Choose the stairs
Whenever there is the option of taking the stairs or using the lift always choose the stairs. This adds additional exercise to your day.

19. Clean your house
If you don’t find time to exercise on a certain or simply can’t face it then clean your house. You can burn calories by hovering, sweeping the floor and cleaning your windows.

20.New year, new start
The New Year is a perfect time to kick old habits and begin a new diet. Set a target of what you aim to achieve and work at it. Make your new years resolution to achieve your goal.