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15 ways to get perfect pins

15 ways to get perfect pins this summer

1 – Eat white fish

Even beauties like Beyonce suffer from dimply thighs, but there is a solution. Succulent white fish such as cod, roe and coley is a great cellulite buster. It contains selenium, a mineral which helps break down bad fats. Try eating it four times a week, preferably steamed or poached.

2 – Drink water

It’s so simple, it’s silly. Female hormones can send excess fat straight to your legs, so if you have flabby thighs you need to start downing water by the bottle. A constant intake of H²O keeps your metabolism fired up, helping to prevent fat collecting! (It’s also great for your skin- bonus!)

3 – Go raw

The power of raw vegetables and salad to improve your legs should never be underestimated. Flaky, dry skin and cellulite are a sign of an enzyme deficiency- and we can only get these enzymes from raw, uncooked foods (except meat). Now summer is on the way, it’s time to start chomping on those carrots…

4 – Strike a pose

Legs that are not actually fat can sometimes look heavy because of poor circulation. Pay close attention to the way you sit! Avoid sitting (especially with your legs crossed) or standing for long periods of time, as this can lead to circulation problems.

5 – Take the stairs

It might sound obvious, but ditching the lift and escalator for the stairs really does wonders for toning your thighs, bum and calves. Taking the stairs a few times a day is as good as any 20-minute session on the treadmill at the gym. And remember, the Lazy Girl doesn’t do treadmills. Or gyms for that matter!

6 – Brush your thighs

Dry-brushing your thighs with a skin brush is a fabulous way to keep your legs feeling healthy and stimulated. Using an upward sweeping motion, work your way from the soles of your feet up to the tops of your legs. You can buy a small, firm natural bristle brush at any good chemist.

7 – Veg out

It’s not the secret that drinking vegetable juices is great for clearing out your system. Cellulite is simply waste trapped in your body, and drinking a veggie juice will help to dislodge and flush out trapped waster and toxins.

8 – Get a pedicure

Even if nature has given you slim legs upto your armpits, they can still look ugly if your feet and toenails aren’t properly cared for. Treat yourself to a pedicure now and again. After all, tottering around in high heels may be great for the calves, but it can take its toll on your feet.

9 – Use olive oil

Not only is olive oil a healthier alternative to high-fat salad dressings, it can also make your body look good from the outside. Avoid scaly ankles by rubbing olive oil on them. Leave for 10 minutes before showering off.

10 – Sack the salt

Too much salt is bad for your legs- it causes water retention, which leaves your legs feeling heavy and sluggish. Reducing your salt intake will decrease fluid and toxin excesses in the body, which are associated with swollen ankles and cellulite.

11 – Eat porridge

Suffer from skinny legs? Increasing your protein intake will aid muscle growth because amino acids, which link together to form proteins, help build new tissue. Try the grain quinoa as porridge, with vanilla essence and cinammon for breakfast.

12 – Snack on ‘weight-loss seeds’

Eat raw, shelled hemp seeds. Hemp is the weight-loss seed, because it contains a broad spectrum of the omega 3, 6 & 9 nutrients that the majority of us are lacking. These good fats make us less prone to problems such as cellulite. Nearly every woman who has bad legs is deficient in good fats.

13 – Gorge on garlic

Blue, veiny legs are ugly, so keep your blood flow healthy by eating lots of garlic. If you’re worried about whiffy breath, try daily garlic capsules. And the flavonoids – the beneficial biological compounds found in fruit – in dark red berries help strengthen your blood vessels.

14 – Jump 

Invest in a trampette and tone up in days. Jumping up and down three times a day, for five minutes at a time, will help move lymph – the fluid that runs parallel to the bloodstream and helps move toxins out of the body.

15 – Fake it

Of course, there’ll be times when you feel too lazy to do anything. So try this clever beauty trick to make your legs look great: when self-tanning, run an extra slick of fake tan down your shin bone and around the curve of your calf muscle to help create the illusion of more shapely, toned legs.

Credit: Heat Magazine