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10 anti-ageing beauty tricks that don’t cost a thing!

You don’t always have to wait around for anti-ageing creams to work.  Try these tips and tricks today and see results fast!

  1. Well shaped eyebrows will define your whole look.  When plucking at home, switch from one eyebrow to the other every four or five plucks to keep both eyebrows symmetrical, rather than focusing on one at a time.
  2. Open up your eyes and give them a lifted effect by curling your lashes first, then adding mascara.
  3. Make your lips appear fuller by applying clear lip gloss over lipstick just in the centre of your lips.
  4. Apply your moisturizer in circular motions to improve circulation in your skin, giving you an instant healthy colour, and run your fingers along your jawline from the middle of your chin backwards towards your ears to firm it.
  5. Need a quick grey hair fix?  Use a tinted eyebrow cream – and the brush that comes with it – in the same shade as your hair, over grey roots.
  6. Pink and peach blushers will instantly knock years off.  Apply these shades to the apples of your cheeks, tip  of your nose and under your chin for the perfect outdoorsy glow!
  7. Use your ring finger to apply concealer and eye cream on the delicate skin around the eye area – the lighter touch will help stop fine lines forming.
  8. If your foundation feels too heavy on holiday, mix it with your regular moisturizer or a pea sized amount of liquid bronzer for a light coverage that will leave skin glowing.

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