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1 in 10 brides-to-be ‘lose four stone’ before wedding

1 in 10 brides-to-be 'lose four stone' before weddingA tenth of brides-to-be in the UK will lose at least four stone before their wedding day, according to XLS-Medical.

The poll found that five million UK women will lose some weight before the big day, though for ten per cent of them the slimming regimen will be a major weight loss exercise that results in them shedding at least 56 lbs.

In spite of this, it appears that their efforts are often undone by the time they return from their honeymoon, with 57 per cent of newlyweds gaining weight on their post-wedding holiday honeymoon or beyond, and more than a quarter gaining at least half a stone.

According to Dr Matt Capehorn, clinical director at the National Obesity Forum, people with a wedding on the horizon should not be tempted to lose all their weight in the couple of weeks before the big day, but instead do it gradually.

“You should be aiming for steady weight loss, as a result of sensible dietary and lifestyle change, that promotes sustainable weight loss and health benefits. Any variation from this should only be on the advice of a clinician,” he told the Daily Mail.

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